Medicare Coverage for Skilled Nursing Facilities – The site provides information about Medicare Part A coverage. It contains information about care plans, facilities check-list, coverage information, rights in a skillled nursing facility and information on how to pay for skilled nursing care.

Medicare Website – This site provides information about medicare costs and coverage. It also has a online form to apply for medicare.


Medicaid Coverage for Nursing Facilities – This site provides information regarding eligibity, application and information for Nursing Facilities.

Medicaid Website – The site provides updates about providers, programs, policies and more.

Nursing Home Ombudsman

Nursing Home Compare

Office of Inspector General

Resources to Help Empower Our Senior Loved Ones

Staying Healthy

Healthy Eating for Older Adults
“Eating a variety of foods from all food groups can help supply the nutrients a person needs as they age.”

9 Best Types of Exercise for Older Adults
“Stay strong, be safe, and maintain your independence by integrating these top fitness options into your training plan.”

10 Easy Ways Seniors Can Boost Their Mental Health and Well-Being
“Staying vital and connected can help you ward off the depression that often comes with aging. Here are simple things you can do, even from your own home.”

Medicare Health Insurance for Senior Citizens
“Medicare is a government program that provides health insurance coverage for senior citizens age 65 years and older, the disabled of any age, and to anyone suffering from end-stage renal disease.”

How and When to Enroll in Medicare 2019-2020
Learn the ins and outs of enrolling in a Medicare plan.

How to Talk to Your Doctor: A Guide for Caregivers and Elders
“The tips and guidelines listed below will help you team up with your loved one and their doctor to yield the best possible outcome for their health care.”

Staying Safe

The Most Common In-Home Injuries for Seniors and How to Prevent Them
“As we age, our ability to care for ourselves begins to diminish.” 
Learn what to watch out for to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

How to Recognize Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living
“Many families consider moving their parent into an assisted living community during this period, but how do you recognize the signs that it’s time for assisted living?”

Staying Social

Older Adults and the Importance of Social Interaction
“Staying socially active and maintaining interpersonal relationships can help you maintain good physical and emotional health and cognitive function.”

Beyond Bingo: 110 Activities for Elderly & Seniors
“…find endless and entertaining ways to pass [the] time, get involved, and discover new passions.”

Staying Financially Secure

Financial Assistance for Senior Citizens
“…you are never too old or wise for some frugal financial advice…”

Protecting the Elderly from Financial Abuse
“Senior financial abuse is estimated to have cost victims at least $2.9 billion last year alone.”