patient being assisted with walkingHard work looks different for different people but it’s true for everyone that it does pay off. This is definitely true in the case of Mr. Leonard Watson, resident at Bourbon Heights. When Leonard first came to Bourbon Heights, he was in great need of physical and occupational rehabilitation. He spent most of his time in bed and was unable to manage his activities of daily living without assistance. Although he was encouraged to participate in activities and other events, Leonard would choose to remain in his bed with the exception of his visits to see his wife. Since Leonard has been receiving therapy, his quality of life has dramatically increased. He is now able to dress and transfer himself, along with manage many of his activities of daily living with supervision or set up help. Leonard is making amazing progress in ambulation and range of motion. Not only has his abilities improved, he has now started participating in activities outside his room. “The body is meant to be active, if you don’t push it it won’t work,” says Leonard, “No pain, no gain!” Way to go Leonard, you are definitely gaining!