group photo

Pictured from left to right: Martha LaShorne (resident), Sister Larson, Ann Wethington (resident), and Sister Atwood.

This month we want to shine a spotlight on Sister Larson and Sister Atwood from the Sister Missionaries of The Church of Latter Day Saints. These 20 year old ladies have traveled to our very own Paris, Kentucky to share their love and light. As a part of their 18 month church mission, these ladies left their homes to serve as volunteers and we were fortunate that their path led them to Bourbon Heights.

Sister Larson was born and raised in Idaho but now lives in Utah on her family’s farm. She is one year into her mission work and has enjoyed all the opportunities she has been given to do random services. In her free time she enjoys line and country dancing.

Sister Atwood was born and raised in Utah but has relocated with her family to Oklahoma. She has almost completed her year and a half mission and has enjoyed meeting all the wonderful new people in her journey. In her free time she enjoys singing and dancing and aspires to have a career in musical theater.

We at Bourbon Heights have enjoyed having them to serve our residents in activities such as bible study, chapel services, pretty nails and assisting the residents to various activities. The residents also were grateful for the fellowship and social visits that they provided. These ladies have gone above and beyond to enrich the lives of our residents. Thank you Sisters Larson and Atwood for your exceptional work and dedication!